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Press Coverage about Newport Mesa Spirit Run, Inc.

September, 2016

The Newport-Mesa Spirit Run (“the Event”) is presented by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public benefit corporation called Newport-Mesa Spirit Run, Inc. (“NMSRI”).  We are the Board of Directors of NMSRI, volunteers from the Newport-Mesa community who are dedicated to promoting childhood fitness.  Several of us are parents of students in schools across the Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD).

Our mission is (1) to present a community event promoting childhood fitness; (2) to provide scholarship (i.e., free entries and bus transportation) to district students who are financially unable to pay; and (3) to provide an opportunity to receive a share of net proceeds to benefit education and athletics in the NMUSD to schools, teams, and clubs demonstrating commitment to our mission. Please read more below about how schools outside NMUSD can participate in, and earn commissions from, the Event.

NMSRI has donated over $300,000 to benefit education and athletics in the NMUSD, as well as provided over 800 NMUSD students with scholarships and bus transportation to attend the Event.  To prepare students for the Event, NMSRI has conducted fitness training at Costa Mesa elementary schools and has assisted several other NMUSD elementary and middle school running programs and teams.  In 2017, the Event’s 34th  year, we are aiming to increase registrations and the availability of scholarships and donations to benefit education and athletics in the NMUSD.

If you have a child in the NMUSD, your child’s school has the opportunity to be part of the Event.  At the beginning of each school year, we invite NMUSD principals to participate in, and benefit from, the Event.  For the 2017 Event, by November 11, 2016, NMUSD principals are required to email us their intent to participate, and later, to commit to the Event’s promotion plan.  By so doing, the schools became NMSRI Promotional Partners and will: (1) earn 50% of the registration fees collected from their first 50 Event registrants; (2) become NMSRI Profit Sharing Partners by bringing a minimum number of Event registrants; (3) receive 100% of donations directed to their school; and (4) become eligible for additional incentive programs and awards, such as directed donations from family sponsors and a payment made to the schools with the largest participation and most improved participation (each by percentage of student body).  For more information about how your school can participate in and benefit from the Event, email us at info@nmspiritrun.org.

New in 2017, NMSRI is inviting Southern California elementary schools with running programs and/or other commitment to youth fitness to register as a team for the Event. Schools who register for this new program not only will enjoy the fitness and fun Newport Mesa Spirit Run has to offer, but will also be eligible to earn commissions that increase at increasing levels of school registrants. Please email info@nmspiritrun.org for more details and to apply.

If you would like to become involved in NMSRI, please contact us. We are seeking help in promoting registration, with volunteers on the day of the Event, and through corporate, individual, or family sponsorships. Your support will help to support youth fitness and education throughout the NMUSD. To learn more about NMSRI or about how you can become involved, please email info@nmspiritrun.org.

Please join us in making the 34th Annual Newport-Mesa Spirit Run an enjoyable and successful Event.

Newport-Mesa Spirit Run, Inc. Board of Directors

Diane Daruty                John Kerr
Scott Daruty                 Dave Kobrine
Raylene Groves            Patti Kohler

Below is a list of the NMUSD schools that participated in the 2016 event. This page will be updated after November 11, 2016 to show schools participating in the 2017 event.

College Park Elementary
Corona del Mar High School
Corona del Mar Middle School
Costa Mesa High School
Costa Mesa Middle School
Davis Magnet School
Eastbluff Elementary
Ensign Intermediate School
Estancia High School
Harbor View Elementary
Kaiser Elementary
Mariners Elementary
Newport Coast Elementary
Newport Harbor High School
Newport Heights Elementary
Paularino Elementary
Pomona Elementary
Te Winkle Middle School
 Victoria Elementary

Below is a list of the NMUSD high school clubs/teams that participated in NMSRI’s High School Fundraising Program in the 2016 event. This page will be updated after November 11, 2016 to show clubs/teams participating in the 2017 event. For more information about NMSRI’s High School Fundraising Program, please email info@nmspiritrun.org.

Corona del Mar Girls Softball
Corona del Mar National Honor Society
Corona del Mar POWER Club
Corona del Mar Spirit Run Club
Corona del Mar Vocal Music
Newport Harbor Culinary Arts Academy
Newport Harbor Girls Basketball
Newport Harbor Girls Lacrosse
Okazaki Student Exchange
 Spirit Run Youth Running Programs